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Perrrsuaded by auronlu, I bring you this:

Final Fantasy VII

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15 FFVII (original) icons!

X-posted on my own LJ. Feel free to take with credit; I'd love a comment if you do!

Edit: PLEASE FEEL FREE to contribute your own icons to this community! It's for everyone to post in, not just me!


15 FFVII iconsCollapse )


Help me out here, folks!

I'm actually struggling a bit to come up with them right now, so your turn next. But here's a teaser:





A few to get us started:



Welcome to LOLMOGZ

O hai. It hurtz meh 2 tipe lyke this.

Most of you know me as a grammar nitpicker and purple prose addict, but I also have a bizarre addiction to LOLCATZ. Sometimes it shows up when I'm making icons. A lot of you are better at making icons than I am and have a more twisted sense of humor, so please make your own and share them in this community! Graphics from/for any Final Fantasy game is fine. If you have made old icons that qualify, please share them too!

As well as sharing your own LOLMOGZ, feel free to create bases and invite people to caption them (tag: "needz caption"), and/or request LOLMOGZ.

So, my first post is a request!

I have been trying and failing to come up with an "INVISIBLE CHOCOBO" icon, because I can't find a good screencap. Any takers?