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A Final Fantasy Icon community for LOLCATZ style icons!
Welcome to Final Fantasy's LOLMogz community.

LOLCATZ are ridiculous, ungrammatical, and danged funny. I found myself making LOLCATZ Final Fantasy icons now and again, and wanted to see what other icon-makers could come up with.

If you have not encountered LOLCATZ and don't know what I'm babbling on about, see lolcatz.net and icanhascheezburger.com.

I encourage two kinds of posts here.

1. Showin' ur lolmogz, in ur face: Post your lolmogz here!
2. All ur base r belong 2 us: Post a textless base, and challenge others to add a caption! (Tag: "needz caption")
3. Feel free to post a challenge or request!


-- icons must use graphics from a Final Fantasy game
-- icons submitted must be your own
-- Put more than 4 icons behind an lj-cut
-- I've set this community up as non-adult-content. But I know where our prurient little minds can go. Use adult-content-flags as needed.
-- If you take an icon posted here, be sure to credit the author in your userpic's info